Talent Matters is a boutique talent acquisition and recruitment agency based in Dublin. The client required a new logo with corporate branding to be implemented.

Client : Talent Matters
Designer : Maria Volkova
Completed : July 2023
Services : Logo Design / Corporate Branding
Other Services    : Professional Web Design
talent matters


“Create a professional logo for Talent Matters, predominantly monochrome, maybe with one other colour used, ensuring this will work on both a black and transparent background”

Proofs of Concept

Our graphic designers will create between 5-7 logo proofs of concept based on the client brief, and provide these to the client for the first round of appraisal and feedback.
Once client feedback is received, any changes, suggestions or preferences will be implemented, and a further two rounds of logo modifications will be made by the designer.

logo proof of concept
logo proof of concept
logo proof of concept
logo proof of concept
logo proof of concept

Completed Design

The completed design will be provided in both colour and monochrome and in a variety of industry standard print and web formats, including EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG.

talent matters

Branding Guidelines

All clients will be provided with detailed Branding Guidelines, often used by designers to ensure the correct fonts, colour palette and versions of the completed logo are being implemented correctly.

This is a resource that everyone in the company can use to understand how to represent the brand.

logo branding guidelines

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