Website Design & Development Process

Our structured process for content preparation and web development

We simplify this by hand-holding and guiding you through each step of the planning & development phase.

Our Process

We conduct an in-depth consultation with the client, to scope out all website requirements, features & functionality, after which a full functional specification, website proposal & quotation is provided to the client.


Step 1

Identify the clients target market (B2B – Business to Business, B2C – Business to Consumer)


Step 2

An in-depth consultation with the client, face to face, remote (via Zoom) or via a detailed online questionnaire, covering all areas of the website requirements, client design preferences, required functionality etc. The detailed questionnaire covers every conceivable type of website including

  • One page website
  • Brochure website
  • E Commerce / Online Shop
  • Online Bookings & Appointments
  • Custom Web Development

Step 3

Once all requirements have been gathered and collated, the client is provided with a detailed proposal / functional specification and quotation for appraisal.


Step 4

Once accepted by the client, (signed order form and payment of booking deposit), the project is added to the development schedule


Step 5

A Project Manager will be assigned to the client project and will be the primary contact during the design and development of the new website.


Step 6

The client is provided with a Website Preparation Guide, to assist and simplify the process of compiling and providing C Me Online Ltd with all website content, etc.


Step 7

Depending upon the nature and complexity of the website, one or more web designers and developers will be assigned to commence work on the project


Step 8

A proposed mock-up/design of the main landing page/home page will be provided to the client for initial appraisal. E-Commerce website projects will also include proposed product page layout.

The development website is hidden from search engines and only made available to the client.


Step 9

The remainder of the website will be developed and tested in-house. Any additional client feedback / changes will be implemented accordingly.

Comprehensive testing is performed, checking all functionality and testing on all devices & browsers. The client also conducts final testing.


Step 10

Upon signoff by the client, the website will be scheduled to enter production (i.e. “go live”).

Invoice balance is paid by the client at this point.


Step 11

Upon “go live”, the SEO team will register the website & sitemaps with Google Search Console, Google Analytics & Bing.

Comprehensive page speed & web optimisation takes place


Step 12

Customised Video Training Tutorials are produced for the client, covering for example, news/blog management, e-commerce product maintenance & order processing.

Online Helpdesk/Website Support/Maintenance

The client is also provided with access to the C Me Online Client Support Helpdesk, available 24/7/365. This service may be included at no extra charge for 12 months, renewable annually thereafter.

C Me Online maintains 98% client retention annually. The majority of our clients have been with us for 8 years or longer.
Because we strive for excellence. Always

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