Configure iPhone or iPad With Your Blacknight hosted Email

Jan 12, 2022 | Blacknight, Email, iPad, iPhone

Instructions on how to set up iPhone or iPad for Blacknight hosted email


How to Configure iPhone or iPad With Your Blacknight hosted Email

1. Tap Settings on your home screen:

iOS 10 and below – Choose “Mail
iOS 11 – iOS 13 – Choose “Accounts & Password
iOS 14+ – Choose “Mail

(If you are unsure as to what version of iOS you have, go into “General” >> “About iPhone”)

3. Tap the Add Account option. (On iOS 10 and above, choose Accounts -> Add Account )

4. Tap Other.

5. Tap Add Mail Account

6. Enter the following settings and then tap Next after you finish

6a. Enter the information as shown above, replacing the with your own email address and the Name with your own name eg. John Smith. Then tap Next to verify. This can take several minutes!

  • Name: Name displayed when you send mail
  • Address: Full email address
  • Password: Your email account password, as provided to you
  • Description: Account description of your choice

7. If the information is correct, you will see the following screen, tap Save and the email address is then set up.

8. The email account configuration has been completed!

9. Launch the Mail app to view your emails.

– Should you have any issues with login ensure that your Email and Password are correct by testing those details at the following URL –


"*" indicates required fields


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